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GUI development ACRLS
used technique

year 2009

For the in my bachelor thesis developed programm ACRLS (automated complete retinal layer segmentation) a GUI had to be developed. Since doctors from the hospital AKH Vienna would use it, they should not have to do something with the command line.

As it was very difficult I would say nearly impossible to port the developed wxWidgets GUI to windows, due to pressure of time a simple Java GUI was developed.

Therefore any wxWidgets code had to be replaced by C++ standard code, to be able to compile the programm without wxWidgets.

arrow develop wxWidgets GUI
arrow port ACRLS to be a windows commandline program
arrow develop Java GUI

keywords: bachelor thesis, wxWidgets, Swing, retina segmentation, retinal layers

Development Linux GUI with KDevelop   Screenshot final Linux GUI   Java GUI for windows  

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