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Backprojection of raw CT data
used technique

year 2009

Implementation of backprojection of raw CT data in C++ with ITK.

arrow Generation of the raw CT dataset with the Matlab radon() function
arrow Unfiltered backprojection leads to smearing of the reconstructed image

Example code:
cplusplus bp2d.h
cplusplus bp2d.cpp
txt CMakeLists.txt

By using a Shepp-Logan filter image quality can be improved dramatically. The smearing effect is reduced and anatomical structures can be identified now. The fourth image shows filtered backprojection with used Shepp-Logan filter.

cplusplus SheppLoganFilter.h
cplusplus SheppLoganFilter.txx

Loading of the backprojection-animation (third image) might take long for slow internet connection due to 4.5 MB filesize.

keywords: filtered backprojection, radon transform, computed tomography, CT, Shepp-Logan filter

original image   Projections of the original image   Animation of the projections (4.5 MB)  

Filtered backprojection with Shepp-Logan filter  

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